November 16, 2015

Transfer Week

This week was just weird. 
Perfect word to describe it.

All My Bags are Packed... I'm Ready to Go

Train Station Frenzy

It's always the weirdest feeling to transfer to another city 
and get used to a new companion, 
with new scenery and ward members, 
and a different schedule. 

And to Say Goodbye

However, this transfer day was probably the best 
because I wasn't super stressed about packing, 
and I feel like I got to say my goodbyes to just about everyone. 
[See last weeks post for more goodbyes.]

Elder Stanworth, Elder Lott, Zuster Twiggs, Zuster Bush

Sweet Ward Members

But I'm gonna miss Breda... lotssss. 
Which is funny because I really wasn't a fan my first couple of weeks there. 
That's just how everything goes in life. 
I keep reminding myself about that when I get frustrated for all of the changes in Apeldoorn. 

Twiggs and Bush Forever!

I'm super super grateful for the three transfers in Breda though and for the chance to be with Zuster Twiggs for the last two of them. We learned and grew so much together.  I'll be seeing Zuster Twiggs at MLC and I will see Zuster Jaramillo on exchanges in Apeldoorn... so I'm pumped. And I can't wait to give my all these last two transfers of my mission. Also.... I received permission to go back for Jasmine's baptism! 

The dying jokes having been increasing tremendously these past couple of days. I am serving around sooo many newish missionaries, and the fact that I only have two transfers left is hilarious to them. Not so much to me....

This past week we've been planning for Zone Training. The wholeeeee week. I've never been in the church building for so long my entire mission. It's been fun though because Zuster Jensen has been sooooo helpful as my companion, and the Zone Leaders we're planning with are hilariously ridiculous. As STL I give a 30 min training session, so we'll see how it goes :)

Sadly, we haven't had the chance to do much missionary work this week. Planning for Zone Training has been taking up tons of time, but I have met a few less actives who I'm excited to work with. The ward here is so big, and  has soooooo many kids it's crazy. They are all related to each other somehow and they all look the same. There are 6 missionaries serving here, and it's already been super fun to work with the other 4 elders. We live in Apeldoorn as well as the ZL's, and the other Elders live just outside Apeldoorn in Deventer. We went to Institute with the new Senior Couple serving here, and I felt like I was at my grandparents house.

We are preparing for a Stake Christmas concert here in Apeldoorn, and it's super cool because I went to it last year while serving in Leeuwarden. They are REALLY serious about it here and they have two hour practices every Sunday night. I love how Dutch people are so committed and devoted to everything they do. I told someone on Sunday that I play the violin, and they almost passed out. They've apparently been looking for a violinist for the concert for years and they are super excited that I play. They want to rent a violin for me for a few weeks. I'm pumped.

Belgian Waffles and Dear Missionaries

OHhhhh man. I almost forgot. I WENT TO ANTWERPEN the night before transfer day! Zuster Twiggs had a doctors appointment (she's doing a lot better by the way) and we ended up running into a bunch of missionaries for pre transfer day at the station. Of course we got Belgian Waffles. I'm obsessed.

That's about it for this week. Little bit crazy in the church right now. All 6 of us are here playing Barbie Uno for the last 2 hours. It gets super intense...

Quote of the week!
"Trust the Lord. He is the Good Shepherd. 
He knows his sheep and his sheep know His voice."

May we all come closer to the Savior this week!


Z. Bush

P.s. Shout out to all those blog stalkers out there. You know who you are...

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