November 23, 2015

Instruments in the Hands of God

This week is over and I'm happy and sad at the same time. 
Happy because it was such a mentally and physically draining week... 
sad because I don't have many of those kind of weeks left on my mission. 
Zuster Jensen and I literally feel like we're dying... [missionary term for almost done]
 our bodies are falling apart 
and sometimes our bikes, 
and other random things.

Zone Training is OVER and it feels so good. 
It ended up being real nice and I think we all left feeling pumped to go contacting. 
The theme was all about 
Finding While You Teach and Teaching While You Find

I taught a session on Finding Through the Spirit.

Emilee and Her Violin... Pre Mission

We are all instruments in the hands of God. It doesn't matter how good a violinist you are if you have a bad violin, it's just going to sound bad. Heavenly Father is the violinist, and he is trying to create beautiful music through us, but we need to be ready to be "played." This relates to being aware of the Spirit and then taking action to following. Read the story of Abish if you want an example of someone who didn't think twice before acting. Alma 19 only has a few verses about her, but she is an amazing example to me of someone who acted purely because of her love of God, and didn't turn back even when things didn't go exactly her way.  Yes... the zone training was good, we have so many cool missionaries in this zone.

The rest of the week was awesome because we FINALLY got to work in Apeldoorn for a full day without any planning or other meetings. We taught our first RAD together to Anastasia a former investigator from Ghana, and we visited this really sweet old man, Br. Van Dam. He's in our ward amd is an awesome member, he used to help the missionaries out so much. He still would if it weren't for his health. He's been married a few different times because of divorce and one of them passing away, and as we were walking out the door, he basically just poured his heart out and said how we was so sad that he wouldn't be sealed to his second wife because she is sealed to her first husband. He made up the sweetest poem right there on the spot as tears came from his eyes. Made me really feel the Spirit and the love that he has for his wife.

Also Grapje. While we were teaching Anastasia she was telling us how boring the churches are in Nederland and how she loves the happy clappy church in Amsterdam because they dance and sing. She got up and started dancing and it was the best thing ever. Then she told us about how she came to our Christmas breakfast last year in our church, and I asked her if she stayed for the concert. She laughed and said in the most straight face "God would slap me if I only went to the church activities for the food" Hah. I love people from Africa.

We have Turkey bowwwwwwl today so we're emailing at a random library in Deventer, so I can't send pictures and I don't have much time, but I hope you all have a lovely Thanksgiving! We have a dinner appointment with an older couple in our ward that night, and then we'll be hopping on a train to go to Gouda before MLC the next day, but we're planning on eating a good old fashioned Turkey dinner with Elder and Sister Hill in Deventer on Saturday. I'll be thinking of all of you!

Don't forget how Lucky you are to be a member of this church. There  was a man visiting in Church on Sunday who served his mission here, and he reminded us just how Lucky we are to have been born in the Covenant. That is becoming a very rare thing, and he related it to just how excited we were to open our mission calls to the Belgium/ Netherlands mission. We were probably just as excited in Heaven when we found out that we'd be born in a family that were members of the church.

Zuster Jensen

BTW, My new companion, Zuster Jensen is from Portland Oregon! We actually have a lot in common which is really fun. I'm thankful to be her companion this transfer. It hasn't been your average getting to know you transfer because we literally just jumped into the work to get Zone training planned. We feel as if we've already been serving around each other for a while though. We have a lot of fun.

Do you have snow there?!
It's freezing here, but no snow. 
Just wet. 

Z. Bush

Wait! Random Miracle!
Ah sorry I have a couple more minutes so I have to write this...

We went contacting with the Elders te Enschede because they came on sister support day. One of them is our District Leader. We had 20 minutes to knock a street that we chose before. The street was Violerenlaan and I liked it cause it sounds like violin. haha. Anyways.... we were belling people up, and no one would let us get more than a few words out, and then we decided to approach the contact in a different way and the man ended up coming downstairs and he asked US if we would make an appointment with him and then his wife could be there. They were both headed out to the grocery store together. Miracle man. Combined sisters and elders we found three potentials in 25 minutes. That's pretty neat for Nederland I would say :)

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