November 10, 2015

Sharing the Love of Jesus Christ

This week I have really learned a lot about my Savior Jesus Christ. 
I learned more about his characteristics 
and how he suffered personally for me.

Zuster Twiggs and I spent a few days inside for Zuster Twiggs weird stomach and headache pains (she's doing a lot better now), which gave us a lot of time to watch the Jesus Christ bible videos, and a bunch of Doctrine and Covenant and New Testament and to just ponder about life.
It was actually really hard for both of us to take so much time being inside because we felt SO unproductive, but we made it good by strengthening our testimonies of Jesus Christ. I read some really good talks- one being by Elder Packer titled "Who is Jesus Christ?". It really helped me to know him more... I recommend reading it.

Zuster Twiggs received a priesthood blessing from the Elders which really helped us to remember how powerful and important the Priesthood is in our lives. It was really a miracle how much better and able she was after the blessing. She is still not 100 percent better but the blessing gave her the energy to be able to work a little bit this weekend, and we were able to visit some members to say goodbye before transfers, and teach a really cool lesson to Jasmine about serving and teaching in the Church.

It was funny because the whole week we've had our ups and downs about wanting to stay in Roosendaal, and wanting to get transferred. We LOVE Wijk Breda so much, but Roosendaal has been a struggle. There is only one member family that lives here, and we've been having a lot of investigators and appointments fall through. We are seeing success with three investigators right now (Jasmine and Karen and her son Layton.) But they all live in Breda haha. We just didn't feel anything special about Roosendaal quite yet. But then when we went to visit some of these amazing members, it just got us excited and wanting to stay in this city because the members are so amazing. Then we talked with Bishop and his family and they have big plans for Roosendaal. They want to build a branch here, and it just got us excited to have a goal to work towards. We both decided that Heavenly Father knew what we needed, and that we were going to just leave it up to him and wait....

Well.... transfer calls happened and I will be going to Apeldoorn with Zuster Jensen. I will still be Sister Training Leader, and Zuster Twiggs will be staying in Roosendaal as Sister Training Leader.
 I will be working with Elder Reese (we served as greenies in Belgium together and he was my District Leader while I was in Breda), and Elder Childs (my District Leader when I was a greenie!) He has 1 transfer left. They are the Zone leaders so we will do a zone training for our zone together. The sisters in my zone are in Leeuwarden and Groningen. Which means I get to go back for exchanges with the Sisters! I thought I´d never go back :)  Apeldoorn has six missionaries in one ward. No other ward of mine has been like that except Antwerpen. and the ZL´s are in the same ward as me so we´ll have a jolly good time :).

I'm really excited for this new adventure, and I´m so thankful for the wonderful friendships I've made at this time in my mission. Usually it is pretty stressful to leave a city and make sure you say your goodbyes to everyone and do everything before you have to leave, but I feel at peace with absolutely no stress leaving because I know I've worked my hardest to share the Love of Jesus Christ with everyone here. I can honestly say that trusting in the plan of Heavenly Father can provide peace and comfort in this crazy life.
Alsoooooo... exciting update. J. told her Boyfriend and her Mom about her baptism and they are supportive. J. is so ready for this. Only a few more weeks!

Maureen, a member took all four of us missionaries to a buffet last week...we were there for two and a half hours. Tried so hard to eat this member money's worth. Zuster Twiggs was sick so we told her we weren't going to come so she didn't have to waste money on food.  Zuster Twiggs probably wouldn't eat. But  she REALLY wanted us to come. So we did. And Zuster Twiggs was a champ... she ate 3 plates. Woot. Blessings.

Saying sweet goodbyes to wonderful friends...

Our last visit with Esmeralda we asked if we could hurry and take a pic before we left because of Transfer calls, She turned it into a photo shoot session with us and the Elders. Love this girl. She is such an example to me of someone with physical disabilities who doesn't let that get in her way. She is the one who came and sat by me in Sacrament Meeting and convinced me to go up and bear my testimony if she did :)

Love you! gotta go now :)
Have a wonderful week

Z Bush

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