November 2, 2015

Autumn... Leaf Angels and Serving

Nothing too new happened this week in the way of missionary work. J is still super excited to be baptized, and she bore her testimony in church on Sunday. She did so good. Her testimony is so honest and true, and she is real about every step she takes in life. She does things not to please others, but only to please Heavenly Father. I loveeee that about her. We've been helping her lately with trying to understand the Book of Mormon better, and it´s been really good for all of us. I've learned on my mission that I am given investigators to help me and to help them. Sometimes I need to be better and learn more about what they need to learn, so we learn and improve together.

Zuster Twiggs stomach was being mean to her and we had to come inside early one night. We wanted to continue doing as much work as possible so I got out the Area Book and called everyone and their dog. Two and a half hours later I had made a few solid appointments, and talked to some really hilarious people. I don't think I had ever talked to so many people on the phone in one day. I'm really going to miss talking to Dutch people... they are too funny. My favorite is when they keep saying "Doei (bye)" or "Hou doooo (North Brabants)" because they just want to be the last one to hang up.

Interviews with President and Zuster Bunnell. Once again. Very inspired people. I think the best part of the whole interview was when I sat down and President took a look at his computer and said...
"I see your database is empty."
"Oh really?"
"Yes... I don´t see anything under boyfriend."

Then he kept hinting that there are lots of options, 
and wanted to know if I was writing anyone.

Hah. Funny. I´m just going to be a nun the rest of my life I decided. He did have a lot of good advice to give about improving the meaning of my prayers, and I am really grateful for how inspired he is and how well he listens to the Spirit.

Food Bank Service

We worked in the food bank with the Tilburg Zusters and it was the best. They were so excited to have us there, and we met a lot of friends. At the end we took a pic, and they invited us to come help again.

The De Wilde's daughter came home from her mission this week and it was SO weird in church. Basically it was just a preview to everything I will be feeling in a couple of months. Made me scared but also excited... but really nervous. She served in Ohio and she could hardly speak Dutch anymore. Luckily I've been speaking English a lot on my mission so I should be pretty good.

 A Street in Breda that translates to Sister's Field.

Sorry this email is soooo short. I promise I had a good week. I love you all and I´m thankful for you!
This could possibly be my last week in Roosendaal (transfer calls next week) but we will see. Thankful to know that Heavenly Father takes care of me and knows what needs to happen. He does the same for you too! Don´t forget to pray.

Hope you had a good Halloween kids. 
I saw three people dressed up, 
and I ate no candy. 

Leaf Angel

But I did roll in the leaves and make a "leaf`" angel.

Zuster Bush

1 Cor. 10:13

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