October 5, 2015


Openbaring is real. Yes indeed. I can´t even think of what that word means in English. Oh wait. Revelation. What a lovely blessing we have to receive answers through prayer and the scriptures and words of the living prophet and his apostles.

It was mind blowing how amazing General Conference was. Questions that I took to conference were answered in just the way that I needed. Also so amazing that each talk was helpful for me and for those around me. Our investigator J came to watch 2 sessions with us at 2 different members houses. We went to the Bishops house with the Elders to Breda ( still seems so weird to say) the 4 singing Elders, and J. There were 14 of us gathered around a TV to watch a live session of Conference on Saturday night.

Then the next day we caught up on the Saturday afternoon session at another members home, and then went to a 3rd members home to watch the Sunday morning session live. I loved being in each members home and feeling the peaceful spirit that was there. It was also payday for a missionary to get a call from J during the 3rd session we watched, just to make sure she was watching the right one.

Another highlight of the week was the Singing Elders. About 10 months ago our mission put together a group of 4 Elders who travel Nederland and sing in wards and visit members, less actives, and even investigators. They sing to them and try to receive referrals. It´s such a beautiful way to bring the spirit. They came to our city this week, and we went to several appointments with them and listened to them sing. They also did a mini fireside in our chapel on one of the nights and we tried to invite as many investigators to come. None of them ended up being able to come, but our ward mission leader invited his colleague who loved it. It was such a gezellig night. The Elders taught the principles in the Restoration lesson and sang songs after each principle. The spirit was so strong that evening, and it really occurred to me how special this Restored Gospel is.

Grapjes van de week... we were locked in the church this week.
We visit Breda af en toe om een les te geven, [google translation: occasionally to give a lesson] and we had to give our keys of the church to the Elders because we don´t live in Breda anymore. We were able to get into the church because the Relief Society was having an activity. We were upstairs teaching a lesson and they came up and gave us left over cake. A little bit later in our lesson the lights randomly turned off and we looked out the window and the cars were driving away. We were locked in the Church! We let our investigator out though the window and stayed in the Church until the Elders came back a few hours later. hahaha. [Apparently they don't have crash door locks like we do here.]

My Sweet MTC Companion and Forever Friend!

Zuster Watts made me a planner. Here's the backcover...soo good. Gonna miss serving so close to her. She's in Lelystad now!

That's it for this week. Sorry this is so short. If you are really bored and need something else to read... go read Conference Talks online. SOOO goood.

Sucess deze week!
Ik hou van jullie

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