October 12, 2015

All is Well

Come, Come, Ye Saints has been runnin´ through my head all week and I loveeee it. 

Why should we mourn or think our lot is hard?
'Tis not so; all is right. . .

. . .And soon we'll have this tale to tell-
All is well! All is well!

Last Pic with my Helmet before it was Stolen

The phrase "All is well" and "All is right" are my favorite lines of this song. It's super ironic because my helmet was stolen this week. Hah. Better my helmet than my bike . We used to chain our helmets on the outside of our bikes but then we heard rumors of people peeing in them, so then we thought to be safe and stick them in my fiets tas (bike bag).

We had been fine doing that for an entire transfer but somebody thought it was hilarious to just steal my bike helmet and leave Zuster Twiggs helmet on the other side of the fiets tas. Hah. So I will be buying yet another bike helmet this week. Probably can't beat 10 euros, but we'll see.

Buuuuuut.... "All is well" and "All is right". 

That's been the main theme this week, as well as. . .

Heavenly Father WANTS us to have JOY and be Happy. 

This week we taught the Plan of Salvation twice and it was magical. I love that plan, and it becomes so much more real and realistic the more I teach about it. It's amazing to see how much I learn from teaching a principle. I could sit at home and read all day and acquire this information, but I wouldn't really know how to apply it until I go out and teach it to someone. I probably have said this tooo many times, but I receive so many crazy spiritual insights during a lesson, and things connect and make sense in beautiful ways. 

Teaching and Learning by the Spirit. . . It´s a real thing.

Miracle this week-
Our investigator K. has a son who is 24 who happened to be coming home right as we arrived at her house. He sat down and listened to the 2nd half of the Plan of Salvation and was sincerely interested and wants to know more. We gave him a nice little homework assignment to read in the Book of Mormon. We talked a lot about how the Gospel is something you need to taste test to see if you like it. You will never know until you taste. Just like buying a new bag of candy at the store- shout out to Zuster Twiggs for her candy metaphor. (We buy candy too often....)

We brought this awesome older couple who lives super close to us in Roosendaal on a Joint Teach. They have a car and pray for experiences to serve, so they were super excited to come with us to a lesson. Win win situation. They BOTH ended up  falling asleep during the lesson which kind of made it hard to use our joint teaches :) One of them eventually woke up enough to get a grip on what we were talking about, so then we asked him to share his testimony. His wife is usually pretty chatty, and as soon as she heard him talking she opened her eyes and wanted in on the action. We loveeeee them. They just volunteered to help us out every week.

Teaching Jas about the 10 commandments. She read one of the verses about keeping the Sabbath day Holy. Sometimes the verses get her confused because it's in super old language. It said something about not making your "man servant" work and she exclaimed "Whaaaat? A man servant? I don´t have a man servant. I want a man servant." Love reading the scriptures with her :)

The Hage Netherlands Temple in Autumn

We go to the temple tomorrow! Super excited. Especially after reading this article in the Sep 2015 Liahona. The Temple and the Natural Order of Marriage by Bruce C. Hafen. I am excited to be closer to the Lord and to have a chance to think more of the Eternal Perspective.

 Chips and Salsa... Catching up on the Last Session of Conference on P-day

I love missionary work and I've decided that it's not a sacrifice to me anymore. It definitely was at the beginning of my mission, but it has become something that is a part of me, and I look everyday for ways to be this same person after my mission.

I love you all!

Zuster Bush

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