October 19, 2015

So Much Good

Ahhh. . .  not much time to write details but so many good things this week. . .              

Temple Conference- my last temple session in Dutch... sad but lovely. I love the temple and I love Dutch so both were wonderful. Such a refreshing day to be in the temple with so many people I love.

Exchanges in Tilburg with Zuster Fredrickson were a success. Freezing cold and rainy as we were biking through this random forest, but I decided that it didn´t matter. If I were on my first transfer I probably wouldn't have been miserable, but something just makes me so happy now about getting soaking wet. haha.

Joint teach with the Elder's investigator. We got to come along and keep her daughter distracted as they taught about the Tree of Life. We made a tree of life origami with this 7 year old girl. Zuster Twiggs and I both walked away so happy. I missssss kids!

We had a double whammy joint teach day with Familie Hendriks. Cute 70 year old couple that lives down the street from us. They drove us in their car and we taught 2 lessons. They testify with power and sure know how to teach how to Pray. Also they are really good at reminding us to give our investigators homework :)
Stake Conference in Antwerpen! This weekend was one of reminiscing and seeing the growth on my mission. I was at the same conference exactly a year ago on my first transfer. It was so lovely to see all of the Antwerpen peeps. We had a Saturday session in Antwerpen and then we slept over with the Antwerpen Zusters that night. The next morning we had a few hours before we needed to leave for the last session in Brussels so Zuster Twiggs and I went to work in Antwerpen! Such a weird feeling being on those ghetto trams again amidst all of these Vlam speakers but I loved it. I was planning on visiting Nadia (she was baptized while I was there) but she wasn't home. I was feeling a little bummed that none of the people I wanted to see were there, but I had the impression to visit Natasha, a past investigator that the sisters haven't had much contact with. She ended up being home from work that day, and was excited to see us. She saw it as a miracle that we came as well, and she was there with her 2 cute kids.  I shared with her something I had been studying all week that applied to her perfectly.
I love in Mosiah 5 where it talks about becoming Children of Christ. We literally change our hearts and turn to Christ when we make that covenant of Baptism. I've changed my perspective on what it means to follow Christ while I've been on my mission, and I've learned so much more about what we physically do to follow Christ. One thing is keeping our Savior always in our thoughts. It was a cool moment to testify of this with Zuster Twiggs because this is something we are both really working on. Zuster Twiggs got to show Natasha a photo of the Savior that she keeps in her wallet, and how it can help to always keep the Savior in mind.

I am so thankful for the couple of hours I had to be in Antwerpen and to realize the growth that the people there had made, and the personal growth I have made. Such a blessing to have been able to serve there.

We popped out the winter coats this week. Ahhhhh. This time last year I was wearing a light jacket everywhere. It´s gonna be a cold one folks.

Make it a good week!

Zuster Bush

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