September 28, 2015

I Can Do All Things Through Christ Which Strengthens Me

I love President and Zuster Bunnell.
I feel so happy and content with what is happening in this mission,
and I know they are truly called of God. 

We've had the loveliest jam packed week ever...
full of Zone Training, Zuster Conference, 
and traveling between Roosendaal and Breda. 
I went on exchanges with Zuster Watts for the third time of my mission!
We realized again how blessed we are to be serving in the same mission. 

I am so impressed with everyone I am serving around right now, 
and I have truly grown to love this work and the people I get to serve with. 
My third and last Zusters Conference of my mission was so empowering. We got to sleep in the mission home the night before along with 6 other sisters who I loveeee. The next day we got to listen to President and Sister Bunnell and all 6 of the sister training leaders. We talked a lot about having confidence that we are who Heavenly Father needs us to be. It was a bizonder [special] feeling being with so many sisters who actually WANTED to be there and I know that Heavenly Father is so proud of his sister missionaries in the Netherlands.
One of my favorite scriptures that was shared is Philippians 4:13 which pretty much summed up the entire conference. I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me. I know this is true, As I have been making goals for this last part of my mission I've been a bit overwhelmed. So many things I still want to learn, so many Dutch words I wish I knew, so many topics in the gospel I wish I were more familiar with, but I've had many confirmations given to me that The Atonement is what I need to be studying. When I go home from my mission I want my relationship with my Heavenly Father and my Savior Jesus Christ to be firm. I want to have a firm foundation. I know that there are so many things in this world that provide us peace and joy, but I also know that Christ is the source of peace that lasts the longest. I hope we can all do something this week to strengthen our Faith and Relationship with our Savior Jesus Christ.

We've been still trying to get the hang of things with lots of traveling, but we were able to teach a couple really good lessons this week. K lives in Breda but we kept her as an investigator. She's about 50 and has an organ sickness that is not curable. She is so strong in her faith and so positive. We got to teach her the Plan of Salvation and how the Atonement can be present in her life. One thing I've noticed on my mission is that I can do so much studying and praying about certain topics, but the moment when I teach them to someone else is when the spirit testifies to me that these things are true. I learn so much from teaching others, and although I am not always the most put together in my teaching skills, I know that the spirit helps me to say exactly what our investigators need to hear. I've also noticed how much I learn from my companion as she speaks during lessons that are in a different way than we've ever thought about before. We truly come to know spiritual truths by putting our faith into action.
I'm staying in Roosendaal hehe. I almost forgot to tell you. Bush 'n Twiggs forever. Also I get the humbling experience of being the Sister Training Leader in the Eindhoven Zone. Excited for the adventures that lie ahead. Also our greenie in Breda is leaving to the freezing cold North, but we're getting another greenie in Breda!

The singing Elders came to our ward on Sunday. They sang in Sacrament meeting, and then afterwards we helped them make appointments for Thurs-Saturday with our ward members. It's going to be a busy week with lots of appointments and General Conference. We are so pumped and excited that we both get to be here for it.
The Elders walked us to the bus stop in Breda 
because of Robert.... (the stalker). 
[Thank you, Thank you!]

And this is the last night at Famile Murtons for Elder Higham!

Zuster Bush

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