September 21, 2015

Well Here I Am

Safe and sound emailing you from this ghetto internet cafe in Roosendaal. 
It's been the busiest weekend of my mission
 and I laughed too much 
and told the same story too many times, 
and had to trust in the Lord so much.

Let's begin at the beginning of the week...
I hit one year in the land on 15 September on Tuesday and it was a happy happy day. Full of speaking Dutch and doing all these things that I was seriously not capable of doing my first day in Nederland. We worked with the Elders in Roosendaal that day and taught an old man about the Book of Mormon and sang him a hymn. It was super cool to see how we have the ability to bring the spirit in a lesson even when we are not used to all teaching together. When we study up and have the spirit with us we are capable of doing so much good.

My District

This week was Hands to Serve week in the mission and the goal was to have a service project every day. We worked so hard to have one and we were excited to wear pants and get out there and serve people. We signed up to work at an elderly center and a food bank, and do some gardening and help somebody move... and then Robert happened.... and we had to cancel most of our service projects

Robert is just a 19 year old guy that has some past with the Sisters that live in Breda. But don't worry. He didn't do anything to us other than try to get our instagram and phone number. We just didn't want him to find out where we lived because we live right across the street from the church. Super long story... but after President and Sister Bunnell coming over and checking out our apartment and saying a family prayer with us that night, President decided to pray about it.  He called the Area President and the  Missionary Department Authority in SLC about the situation.

Train Ride

The next day (Thursday) we were on the train to go do service with the Elders. Our District leader, Elder Lott, received a call from President asking if he was up for change....
And here we are.
In Roosendaal! hah

We literally just switched apartments with the Elders in 24 hours. Our Bishop drove our stuff to each apartment and then we switched. We were super sad at first because we had so many wonderful members and investigators, but we've worked it out that we get to keep four investigators of ours in Breda.

Roosendaal Apartment

We are the first sisters EVER to be in Roosendaal and we are pretty pumped about that. It was 100 percent an Elder apartment and we did tons of remodeling and deep cleaning and throwing out a bunch of stuff. Elder Lott and Higham did their best with cleaning so we are thankful for that.

It is soooo weird, but we are excited to see the blessings that come. It was hard at first to accept this change but I am thankful for the ability to pray and accept a confirmation to know that President Bunnell was called of God and has to ability to receive inspiration for his missionaries.

We haven't worked in Roosendaal yet be cause we had some appointments in Breda this weekend. It was super funny too because the trains weren't running on the exact weekend we moved to Roosendaal so we ended up taking a two hour bus ride just to get to Breda and back. Tomorrow will be my first day to work in Roosendaal on exchanges after Zone Training. Woot woot.

Sorry that's about all the time I have this week.

Love you all!

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