September 14, 2015

Miracles Happen... Yes

We went contacting around a really pretty part of Breda on Saturday and we decided to just stop people on the street and try to give them cards and talk with them. We even tried a different approach and asked people to take pics of us because we´re from America :) Nobody was really too interested though and we weren't seeing much success. We played a little game where you are stuck with the card until someone accepts it from you. It was my turn and there was a guy walking with a bag in one hand and texting on his phone in the other hand. I stopped him and turns out he is a student here and has only been here for about a week. He has a friend in Provo, Utah that is Mormon, and knows a lot about us. He has met the missionaries in places like Taiwan, and is super interested in meeting with us and learning more. Miracle. Out of all of the people walking along the Breda Centrum, we stopped him even though he looked busy with his own life. Ahhh. I love this work and I feel so privileged to be in this country.
We go to the same dinner appointment every Sunday night and we got there a little early last Sunday so we did some contacting in de buurt. The first door you knock is always a little off and you have to get warmed up... no matter how long you've been on your mission. Well.. it just so happened that the first door was super positive and took our Book of Mormon and said we could come back in a few weeks. We came back yesterday and he hadn´t had the chance to look at our website yet, but he had read a few random stukjes from the Book of Mormon. We literally only had 30 min before our dinner appointment started, but he let us come in and explain more of the book. We taught him a mini R.A.D. (restoration and doop-``baptism``) super fast and it was so amazing how the spirit helped us to speak what was needed to be said. It was actually the first time Zuster Twiggs and I had taught a R.A.D together but our comp. unity was amazing. This guy is pretty young and is Christian but is so interested in history. We´re excited to teach him again this week.
Also... Exchanges with Zuster Maughan this week in Breda. She´s from Highland and we went to junior high together and probably sang in the same choir. Such a small world. We had the busiest but greatest day. Hopping on one bus to the next for appointments. One appointment was a dinner appointment with a past investigator that we called up but had never met. She is from Curasao and loved having the Elders over in 1997 for dinner. She thought we´d be staying the whole night, so she asked if she could hurry and wash her car. She started freaking out when we told her we had to leave in 1.5 hours. She cooked up some crazy good sweet potatoes and fish and sent us on our merry little way. We had to book it to our train and we were SO full. Luckily we made our train to Bergen op Zoom and we made to it the lesson with the Elders investigator who is going to get baptized next month. It was a really cool thing to be able to Joint teach with other missionaries. The missionaries in this mission are so good and I´m really thankful for the really good examples I have around me. We talked about self worth and how we have to be strong against Satan because he will try to tell us that we don´t have potential. This investigator has the cutest seven year old daughter and they both love coming to church.

Last little Miracle....Our Persian investigator H came to church and loved it. I don´t know how much he understood, but he said he left feeling a positive energy for the week. Pretty cool the effect that the spirit can have on somebody. This week was really good... it´s hard to sum up only a few things to share with you.

Have the loveliest week. 
Enjoy the Fall in Utah. 
So jealous.
I love those mountains with the changing leaves :)

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