May 21, 2015

Climbing Stairs and Feeling Closer to Christ.

Hey hey hey!

We went to the Dom Tower last week for p-day with the district 
and it was super cool. 

Dom Tower

Tallest building in Nederland I'm pretty sure, 
and it's in Utrecht! 

Zuster Emilee with District

We had a guided tour 
and climbed all of its 465 steps. 

View from the Top

The tour was given in both Dutch and English. 
It was funny to hear the entire presentation in Dutch and then again in English. 
It sounds classier to me to have everyone speak in Dutch now! 
I loveeeee this language.

That night we had Gezinsavond (Family home evening) at the family's house that invites us over for dinner every Wed. with the Elders, and every other Mon. night. We got to teach the lesson, and we taught it in English because they have an Au pair- pretty sure I just spelled that wrong- who is from Brazil and is learning English. It's kind of weird to talk to Dutch people in English sometimes, but everyone's English over here is super good!

We had Exchanges again this week and I went to Gouda with Z. Young. She served 3 transfers in the beloved city of Antwerpen, and her trainer was my breaker- Z. Jones, so we had lots to talk about. Funniest part of the day was knocking a street that was completely full of Muslims. They would all answer and either not be able to understand us, or tell us straight up that they are muslim. We had to finish the street though because who just stops in the middle of a street? So we kept going and the last door turned out to be this old Asian guy who still wasn't interested but it was funny that he was the only Asian :)

Zone Conference this week was the best! 
Saw sooo many good missionary friends, and learned some cool new things. 

Elder Reese, Zuster Watts... and Me!

Zuster Watts and Kimmons slept over at our apartment the night before 
it was super fun to catch up... they're in the district I was in in Leeuwarden. 

Da Bomney... Sweet Reunion

Also... shout-out to Zuster Romney... 
 I most definitely saw her 
and we caught up about everything that's happening in Leeuwarden.

We heard some really good presentations by President and Zuster Robinson, and the AP's and President Bijkerk and President van der put. The main topic was the use of technology- such as iPad's :) and also Grace. We had a really good discussion about the Doctrine of Grace and how we are given weaknesses for a reason. We need to learn how to use the enabling power of grace in our lives every day. That is what it was intended for. One thing that was talked about that I really liked was the fact that our sorrow, sin and guilt doesn't just evaporate once it leaves us after repenting. It goes to the Savior Jesus Christ. He is carrying my burdens, and he is carrying yours too. So what can I do to repay him for that? I can never fully repay him, but I can choose to follow and obey him and showing appreciation for all that he does for me.

I know that the Savior Jesus Christ lives and we can use his enabling power of the Atonement every single day. I love that knowledge. I am starting to read Jesus The Christ again after starting it so many times and not getting very far. It is a deep book, but I am loving how it makes me feel when I read it. It's been so good for me to learn more about my Savior Jesus Christ because that is why I am here. I'm here in Nederland for him, so it just makes sense to learn all I can about him and his attributes. One part I want to share.....

"Jesus of Nazareth is supreme among men by reason of the excellence of His personal character, the simplicity, beauty, genuine worth of His precepts, and the influence of His example, and doctrines in the advancement of the race."

A great reminder of why we should choose to follow the teachings of the Savior Jesus Christ, This helps me to remember that I want to be like him. I want to strive to be better everyday and possess the qualities that he has.

Make it a good week eeeeeeeevry body!

Love you!

Z. Bush

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