April 25, 2015

Sometimes You Just Eat Crickets

Whoa you guys did a good job this week with the emailing. When I tell people I have so many siblings they always ask me if I get an email from you all every week, and I tell them that you guys are pretty good at sending them randomly. I opened my inbox today and so many responses! Thank you! I especially enjoyed seeing all of the pictures of your kids, and I loveeeeeed that you guys are celebrating Kings Day in America. haha. You probably know more about the holiday than I do :)

I wish I could respond to you all personally, but there is just too much love and not enough time to go around :) I love you all though and I'm thankful for the good examples you are to me of how to raise a righteous family in the gospel.

Not too many crazy things happened this week since I just barely emailed on Monday, but we did have a miracle occur that we are still waiting on to see the outcome. We took some time this week to get in contact with a bunch of random people that were written on the whiteboard of our apartment that neither of us knew who they were. We saw a girls name on it and there was a baptism date by it for a couple days ago, but Z. Karlson had never met here the transfer that she's been here. We tried finding her address and number but the number wasn't in service anymore, and we really couldn't find anyway to get ahold of her. Buuuuut... we went to ward council later that night and the YW's president announced that the only news she had was that she had contact with this girl and she missed having appointments with the Zusters, and that she was coming to the YW activity on Friday and we could have a lesson with her. We showed up to the church yesterday for the activity, and no one was there.... so we actually have no idea what happened to the planned activity, but we're going to try to get in contact with this girl this week and teach her! She is about 16 and we hear she is so ready to get baptized!

Also... really quick before I go... We had a lesson with L. this week- He is the one who wants to learn more about the church because his former girlfriend is Mormon and he wants to know more about Eternal Marriage :) He came to a members house and had dinner and we talked a bit about Mosiah 18 and the covenant of baptism. He was referred to the chapter by his girlfriend, so it was really cool that we could talk about the importance of Baptism.

We're working with lots of people in Utrecht, and the struggle right now is to find time for everyone! But we're seeing lots of great things starting to form, and it's exciting to be teaching so many people.

That's all for this week.
Crazy thing of the week- I ate a couple crickets with popcorn and honey. Lekker

Love you all and Happy Kings day on Monday :)


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