March 30, 2015

Broken Bike Chain and Raw Herring

Hmmm... Broken Bike Chain?

The weeks are going by soooo fast! I only get to experience SPRING in Nederland once so Zuster Romney and I are making the most of it whether it's rain or shine. It was beauuuuutiful at the beginning of the week and then for 2 days straight it POURED. The wind is sooo intense here. We were riding our bikes last night and we had to hop off  because the rain was pelting us and the wind was knocking us over on or bikes. Pretty exciting! But You can't help but smile and laugh the entire time and then all of the cars we pass just think we're crazy because we are literally the only bikers outside.We came home drenched and loving life.

We had Zone training this week in Zwolle. Unfortunately my journal is at home with all of my inspiring notes, but the entire training was geared towards recognizing the Spirit. It was a really important topic to think more about because I can definitely see the difference in a lesson when we follow the guidance of the spirit. Ahhh I wish I had my notes because I learned quite a bit, but my memory is pretty bad ever since coming on a mission haha. Stay tuned for a little spiritual something next week. Zone training was a good reboost for the work I am doing here though, and it helped me set some really good goals to help me improve. I even got to sing in a little musical number "Because I Have Been Given Much"- with the Heerenvane Elders while Z. Romney played the piano. Singing in a trio was the closest I got to finding a violin to play.... I'm still on the hunt for a violin though!

A Beautiful Little Town called Sneek

We worked in Sneek on Saturday with the Zone Leaders. I've been in Leeuwarden for 3 transfers and it was my first time in this little city. We found a few good potentials and ate some good ol' herring so that was pretty fun.

Actually pretty slimy but hey, we do it for the pictures ya know? :)

Okay Miracles of the week-
Jackpot Jovo land. A jovo is a young single adult, and let me tell you. We found some. We are in desperate need of a new solid investigator. We lost a few this week because they weren't willing to keep commitments to progress, and the current ones we do have are moving really slow and we need to have a lot of patience with them. (Kemal and Petra). Sooooo we've been riding around and basically chasing down anybody that is young. Hah. Okay not really, but we've been praying hard to find someone. We decided to go do bellup's at a random apartment complex and before we even belled anybody, we contacted a young guy that was walking in. He immediately stopped us and said, "Sorry, ik spreek geen Nederlands" and I thought he was joking because he clearly had some sort of accent. Turns out he is from England and that added some authenticity to his one Dutch sentence he can say. He wasn't necessarily interested in learning more, but told us that the entire complex was full of international students. Jackpot Jovo land.

(Random break- someone just got arrested here in the library. Exciting.)

We came back a few days later and met some Asian students. They spoke English but had a hard time understanding us haha. They told us that the next floor would have people from the West so we should ring the doorbells there. We went up to the next floor and met some guys from the Middle East. They let us in and all of their questions went perfectly with the first lesson. All of them are Muslim so when we asked if we could pray at the end, they told us how they pray, and we got to teach them how we pray. They have lots of really good questions about the after life, and why Joseph Smith didn't just improve the Bible instead of translating another book. It was really weird teaching an entire lesson in English, but such a cool experience to see what we can teach by following the promptings of the Spirit. We didn't have an English Book of Mormon with us, but they want us to come back so we can teach them more. We're gonna bring the Elders with us next time :)

Another quick miracle-
We ate dinner at a members house this week, and she told us that "so and so" was really happy that they had such a positive experience with us. They told her that we were welcome to come over any time. We were so confused because we did not recognize this name, or remember having a positive experience with anyone this week haha. But she gave us the address of this less actives house and we went by to visit. It turns out that we met the husband at another members house a couple of months ago, and he was impressed by meeting us. We have an appointment tomorrow with this beautiful family and we are excited to get to know them.

I love you all and I love Nederland! 
Thank you for your encouragement and lovely examples to me.

Go check out the new Easter video #becausehelives or in Dutch #omdathijleeft
You will be happy afterwards.

Follow the link:    #BecauseHeLives

Love you!
Happy Easter!

Z. Bush

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