March 24, 2015

Sisters, Oh How We Need Each Other

Sisters' Conference!

Sisters Conference was this weekend with all 40 of the sisters that are serving in our mission. It was so crazy to see how many new sisters had come in since we had our last conference, on my first transfer, about 6 months ago. There were only 13 of us at the last one and everyone else was new!


Z. Romney and I got to stay at the mission home the night before since we live 3.5 hours from the mission home. We talked a lot about Confidence, Perfectionism, the importance of Recognizing the Spirit, and being Courageous and Kind.

Zuster Jones... Going Home Next Transfer

It's way too hard to summarize everything I learned, but one thing that stood out to me was when President asked us about how we are doing with our personal daily repentance every night. He's been encouraging us to report to our Heavenly Father the things we did during the day, and then asking him for what we can do better the next day. One thing he said was that it is easier to be clean than it is to be perfect. We may not completely be able to change our mistake the next day, but when we show Heavenly Father that we want to be better, then he really helps us.

Zuster Doxey

This really hit my heart because it is similar advice that Mom gave me at the beginning of my mission when I was frustrated with so many of my weaknesses. Daily Repentance changes the way I can testify to my investigators, and it helps me to know that what I am doing is exactly what Heavenly Father wants me to be doing. "The prerequisite to receiving revelation through the Spirit is repentance - not perfection"

Z. Romney and I had a lesson with P. this week and gave her a tour of our church. She's very nervous to actually come to church because she is very much a fan of feeling safe and secure, but I think it really helped that she could come to the church in the evening when no one else was there. We had one of the most spiritual lessons that I think Zuster Romney and I have ever taught together. We got to talk with P. about the covenant/promise that we all have the chance to make with our Heavenly Father. We sat in the chapel with her and told her about the sacrament and why it is so special. At first she thought it was strange that we take the sacrament every week, but after telling her more about why we do it, and the blessings from it, she understood it a lot more clearly. It helped to remind me that Heavenly Father really loves us so much. He is ready to bless us if we keep our part of the promise. But Heavenly Father knows that we are not perfect, and we won't always be able to do everything 100 percent perfect, so he provided his son Jesus Christ to allow us to repent and be forgiven. That is why the sacrament is so lovely! It was the best moment to testify to P. of these important truths, and to hear in her closing prayer just how much she understood of it.

We visited the Nazi Concentration Camp Monument at Westerbork near Assen Monday. 
We walked about 5 miles in total that day with the whole district. 
Each individual stone represents a single person that stayed at Westerbork 
and died in a Nazi concentration camp.

Z. Romney and I by the daffodils and the sunset
after meeting with a crazy Moroccan lady.

Funny thing of the week-
The whole country of Nederland had a service day called NL doet. Our whole district- 6 Groningen and 4 Leeuwarden Missionaries all met in our neck of the Woods and were prepared to cut down trees to help out. We were all dressed up in our service clothes, and we got there and we found out we were actually crocheting. Big difference haha. Apparently the word for to crochet is Haken and that got somehow mixed up with hacking down trees or something :) We had a good time and met some really cool people who were interested in what we were doing as missionaries. Also, I learned how to crochet so that's pretty cool.

I love you all and I am thankful to know all of you. I pray for you every night, and I hope that you remember how much your Heavenly Father loves you!

Tot volgende week!

Zuster Bush

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