January 19, 2015

I'm having a BABY GROENTJE!

Aka a greenie missionary!

Sooooo... I'm just going to fast forward this week and tell you what happened yesterday first.
Yesterday we were expecting transfer calls to happen but we were pretty stubborn and decided that we weren't getting a phone call because we had already made tons of plans on transfer day to MAKE SURE we were both staying.

Well... Heavenly Father had something else in mind because during our dinner appointment with the American Purnell family, the phone rang and I freaked out. They told me that..... I will be training a groentje! A new missionary in the same lovely city of Leeuwarden that I'm in right now. Phew. Not expecting that at all.

A Perfect Threesome!

I will be so sad to have Sister Doxey leave because we truly saw MIRACLES together. She is only a transfer behind me and when Zuster Greenwell left halfway through the transfer we had to take over and speak some REAL Dutch. But it was so amazing to see that Heavenly Father truly qualifies us for the work. Zuster Doxey will be going to Lelystad and we are so sad that we were only with each other for one transfer. Zuster Doxey did such a good job at loving the people here though and I hope to be able to do the same. We're crossing our fingers we'll get to go on exchanges with each other sometime in the future. And Zuster Greenwell.. I love that girl so much. She is exactly who I'd like to become by the end of my mission. She taught me how to have fun as a missionary and to love the work.

Last Night Together

Also..... Good news! Zuster Watts is totally going to be in my District this transfer. She's going from Amsterdam to Groningen and I am soooo excited. Heavenly Father loves us.

A scripture that I have been thinking about this whole week is in 2nd Nephi 28:30 "Line upon line... precept upon precept..." Before I even found out I would be training, I was just freaking out this whole week that I don't know anything and that I have so much to learn. I definitely wish I knew things in the bible better, and that I was better at explaining certain things in Dutch etc... but I learned from this scripture that we must have patience and continue on. If we keep working persistently and value the wisdom and knowledge we are given, then Heavenly Father will bless us with the ability to obtain and to remember it. I know this holds true to everyone and I will value this knowledge as I do something definitely crazy and train someone on my 4th transfer.

We have this investigator right now named Petra. She was found a couple transfers ago with Zuster Doxey and another missionary but she had no real interest in the Book of Mormon. She said it would be cool for them to come back another time though and she would teach them how to speak Frysian.(spell check) Well... that time was a couple weeks ago with me, Zuster Doxey and Greenwell. She is SOOOO cool and will gladly read any chapter we give her in the Book of Mormon. She wants to take everything pretty slow though because she is also doing this bible study right now. She is so understanding of our Dutch and helps us out with is a lot. We decided to stop by at her house one night by surprise and she took it so well. We have been sharing the message that God is our loving Heavenly Father with lots of members and less actives here in Leeuwarden, so we decided to share the same with Petra. It was perfect and the spirit was seriously so strong. We shared 1 John 4:16, 19 and talked about how we all feel God's love for us in different ways. She is working so hard on gaining a relationship with Heavenly Father and it has been amazing seeing her interest in what we have to say.

Mom's always feel better if they can see where their missionary lives.

Sorry not a bunch of pictures this week! I took some random snaps of my apartment. It is a super netjes (classy) apartment and soooo big!

Things will be great this week. I'm excited for the challenge. Thank you for your wonderful uplifting words. You had no idea I would even be training someone and your letter reflects that you did.
I am FREAKED out of my mind. But so excited

I love you all and hope you have an amazing week!

Don't freeze... for all of you in the Utah Snow :)
No snow here yet. Well.. it snowed for like 5 min and didn't stick. Just lots of fog and rain.

Kies de goede weg everyone :)
(Choose the Right)

 Zuster Bush

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