January 13, 2015

A Little Bit of History and a Whole Lot of Klompens

Hey hey hey family!

This week was a wild one. 
Going from 3 to 2 companions is hard, 
but we're still having a good time serving the Lord.

Site of First Baptism in Leeuwarden

Last p-day we went to a monument a little bit outside of Leeuwarden
that marks the spot of the first baptism in Leeuwarden. 
The Romigs (Senior Missionary Couple) took us on a little trip for the day, 
We went out to lunch, 
and then to the monument 
where we followed tradition 
and jumped the canal. 
( I have a video you might see someday). 
Our day trip ended with a visit to a Klompen factory. 
Klompens are wooden shoes that the farmers would wear in the olden days 
to keep their feet warm and dry from the rain.
And this is where they make them!
Here is some news for you.... People still wear them here! 
The people cutting down the wood to make the klompen were sporting them, 
and I've seen several people just casually walking around town wearing them. 

It's super funny for me to see people in the 21st century wearing them. 
I'm glad they're not dying out! 
I was really tempted to buy a beautiful pair of klompen, 
but I decided to wait 'til the end of my mission. 
They also had a bunch of worn out klompen for only 2 euros 
from people that come in and drop them off and buy a new pair.

Oh no.... I have 20 min. left of emailing, but the library closes in 10 min apparently. 
Such poor planning on us this week. We had no idea.

I'm so sorry!!

I love you all though!!!
 This last pic is of a boat in our back yard basically. haha

Ahhhh. I can write more next week. Sorry. Library is closing in a min.

Mom- that quote by Elder McConkie is on the mirror in our bathroom. I read it outloud to myself every morning after I get out of the shower. Ahh It makes it even more special that you sent it to me.

p.s. can you BELIEVE IT??
Transfer calls are on Sunday. WOW.  Next week I'll give a shout out to Zuster Greenwell.

Zuster Bush

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