January 18, 2016

Sprint to the Finish with My Torch Still Lit

Grand total of last week...

One birthday celebrated on the farm with Wouter and the Cows
Two dying testimonies given at Zone Training (one of them being mine)

Two cookie and brownie-making appointments with amazing teenagers.

One seminary lesson with the English ward

and lotssssss of hours spent working with Heavenly Fathers children.

We worked HARD this week and great results came because of it. Our 17 year old investigator Amnon was given permission by his parents to get baptized after we had a great appointment with them. Ton is still preparing for baptism on 6 Feb and Zuster Maughan and I are having too much fun laughing and creating friendships with everyone here.

I would say the theme for this transfer is Sprint to the finish with my torch still lit. One of my favorite talks that I came across in Breda was given by Elder Uchtdorf and it is sooooo good.

You can read it on this link:

Finish with Your Torch Still Lit

Doesn't matter how fast you run the race,
but it does matter if your light is still burning 
when you get to the end.

Of course I relate that to my mission and the fact that I want to still be a shining light to others by the time I'm done. I don't want to be burnt out zeg maar. But I think it's also possible to relate it to life in general. Read the talk! It's super good. I'd tell you more but then you wouldn't read it, and also I literally have 5 minutes before this computer library in Den Haag shuts down and blows up because it wants more money.

I went to the Temple last week! There was a random couple from Suriname who showed up in Amsterdam and wanted the missionaries to come to their wedding and we were with Zuster Ramirez that day because her companion needed to go to MLC. So we went to the sealing! It was wonderful to be there again and really understand the perspective that we can only truly feel in the temple.

Well... this is my last week. We have been planning for this week for a while and working on making it the most packed and miraculous week yet.

veel liefs!
literally 23 seconds left on this computer. haha

Zuster Bush

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  1. Best of luck to you, Zuster Bush, as you finish your mission! I have followed your blog for a year now, as my daughter (Zuster Faasavalu) is also a missionary in Bel/Neth. She was also companions with Zr Maughn. :) Thank you for sharing your testimony through your blog!