January 25, 2016

This is the Day...

Dearest Fan Club.
This is it.
This is the day that my Mother has been looking forward to, and the day that I've been trying to run from :)
It is here.
And there's no hiding.

I, Zuster Bush am no longer in denial. The mission has come to an end and I like what the mission has made me.

I like that my perspective of life is centered around gospel principles.
I like that I've made lasting friendships including members, investigators, and missionaries.
I like that I took the step of faith and made possible what once seemed impossible.
Most importantly,
I love that I know who to go to in times of need.
I love that relationship I've strengthened with my Heavenly Father and Savior Jesus Christ.
I love the change I've seen in myself, and I love the change I've seen in others.
I know that true change into a better person is only possible as we follow the example of Jesus Christ.

I have 16 minutes and 31 seconds left on this library computer (church wifi was down) and it is sooo hard to sum up all my feelings of this whole mission into one email. Ahhhh.

I have learned so many life lessons that I would have never imagined to learn on a mission,
and I've been shaped into more of who Heavenly Father believes I can be.

But I think my most valued knowledge is that God is my Heavenly Father who has a beautiful plan for me. My Savior Jesus Christ is included in his plan to help me to change. I have come to love the Savior, and following that love brings the desire and motivation to be more like him. It can be simple knowledge, but we can have our own personal experiences to decorate our testimonies and make them ours.

It's really amazing how much you can learn on a mission. But one thing I did learn is that you can make progress and grow without going on a mission as well. But I needed this mission to learn to love the gospel more, and learn to love the simple daily habits of prayer, scripture study, and serving others, and going to church. Now that I have these habits my plan is to go home and continue building up the kingdom of God.

This is my last email, but the work is not over!
We still have appointments every hour until Wednesday morning. haha.
If I'm lucky I'll get time to pack :)

I dare you to do one thing this week to strengthen your testimony of the Savior Jesus Christ. I promise you that if you do that and keep your testimony of the Savior "on your lips," you'll get a chance to share it somehow.

Ik hou van jullie! Tot straaks!

Zuster Bushi

p.s. Sorry you get no pics once again. Library computers..

(Sighhhh... from the mother. Her words are worth a thousand pics. :) )

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