December 28, 2015

De Heiland is Geboren... The Savior is Born

My week was fully centered on love and service and Jesus Christ
which is what made it so lovely.
We were able to meet with so many wonderful people this week...
I'll try to give you a good little overview.

Christmas Day was magical... 

The Christmas program at the church...
Celebrating at this member's house with her and her daughter. 
This lady is from South Africa and has the coolest accent. 
We ate something called Gourmet which is basically lots of different meats and veggies
 with a grill right on the table, 
You choose what you want and grill it yourself. 
It is apparently a Dutch Tradition, but it was our first time ever having it! 
Then we skyped and that made me just a little bit trunky :) 
Glad to see that you're all doing well!
After skyping we hopped on our bikes and rode to Zuster Van der Scheer's house 
to eat more food, 
(we're stuffed but oh so thankful) 
Then we played a board game in Dutch. 
Can you guess who the winner is?
We also went over to good ol' Waasenaar a few times this week
 to be with ward members from the English speaking ward, 
and play soccer in the Refugee camp.
Soccer at the Refugee camp was soooooo fun. It was a Zone Service project and we got there and instantly started helping pour chocolate milk with whipped cream and handing it out to the men as they picked up the rest of their food. It was a humbling experience to look into their eyes and see the patience and hardship they've had to go through. It was probably one of my favorite service projects on my mission, because we were able to work directly with the people we were giving service to. Afterwards we got to play soccer with a bunch of them, and even though only a couple spoke English, lots of friendships were made and hilarious moments happened. We also taught them how to play American Football, and they were going hard throwing that football. One of them even hit Zuster Maughan in the face on accident and felt really bad.haha

Mom Edit: Zuster Bush also sent these pics this week, though no words describe the activity... 
definitely service and oh what fun she must have had... the smile tells it all!

We sang Christmas carols in a house full of friends and different family members, and played with lots of cute little kids this week. Made me really miss my nieces and nephews! I've really enjoyed working with all of the kids here and I am amazed at how great these parents are at teaching their kids about gospel truths.

Ton our investigator is doing great. Really excited to be baptized on Feb. 6. He is so grateful for all of the missionaries that have helped to teach him, and he is diligent at coming to church every week and every church activity we have. He comes early a lot of the time which is really funny because no one else is here yet, but he's just so excited!

We visited a less active named Gay from the Phillipeans and she has a 9 year old daughter that blew my mind with how much she knew about Jesus Christ. It was a really cool visit to be there and look at pictures of Jesus with this little girl while she told us all she knew about him. This girl has a few limitations and is a bit slower than most kids her age, but it was incredible to feel her spirit and love for the Savior Jesus Christ. I have really loved working with kids similar to her on my mission, and it has helped me to have a love for God's Children no matter what.

Something that was on my mind all week was how important it is to follow the example of Jesus Christ, and by doing that we need to acquire the attributes that he has. I might have already shared this with you.... buuuut go check this video out with an open mind and the desire to take action and be who Heavenly Father would like you to be. I know that sometimes we feel inadequate and have the feeling that we need to change something, but we're not always sure what we need to start with, and sometimes we are to hard hearted to accepted feedback from other people. I've come to know that Heavenly Father will gladly help us and he will tell us places we can improve on in our lives if we are open to his guidance. This video has a whole list of Christlike attributes and I can promise you that one of them will stick out to you to work on as you watch this video.

Christ-like Attributes...which one will you work on first?

Veel liefs!
Z. Bush

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