August 24, 2015

Bush 'n Twiggs

I'm at the point in my mission where I just don't know where to start with my emails. 

Every week is so good, and I can see the hand of the Lord in my life 

and in the lives of those around me every day. 

Let´s just start with my super great companion... we be called Bush 'n Twiggs. She's also from Utah so it's even more hilarious when people ask where we're from. She plays the piano beautifully and loves to cook Banana Bread. She came in a transfer after me so we are just planning on learning sooo much Dutch together it's not even funny. It´s been an awesome week full of meeting lots of ward members, investigators, and talking to random people who tell us to buy a GPS because they can tell we are clearly lost with our map.

Zuster Twiggs 2nd from the Left

We met with a spunky little Indonesian lady who is less active because she is living in an elderly center place. We walked in and she was so excited to see us again. She's got dyed red hair and wears the most amazing old fashioned dresses. We got to read a conference talk to her while the radio was blasting and she kept telling us that she wasn´t deaf :)

We also looked up an investigator whose wife was a member but she passed away- he lives in the same elderly place. He kept asking us to guess how old he was, and kept saying "You think I am young sisters don't you?" haha. He also kept asking us the same questions multiple times. I loveee meeting people like this on my mission.

We also had a lesson with C. and it was absolutely perfect. We talked about the Plan of Salvation and how beautiful it is that Heavenly Father knows exactly what we need to experience in this life. C is my year mark miracle. I found her name in our old cellphone a couple weeks ago, and called and set up an appointment on the same day of my year mark on my mission. She met with the Elders about a year ago and came to church once. She has been coming to church ever since we met with her and surprises us every week when we see her sitting in the chapel all ready to go! It seems like every week she comes the sacrament talks are perfect. She was apparently found by a lady in our ward who was a stake missionary at the time so they are good friends that live near each other. We are so excited to help C continue learning. She´s been a baptized Catholic for 30 years, but is so interested in learning about what more she can do with Religion.

I gave a talk in Church! It was my 2nd on my mission. My first was when I had only been out for five months, so it was super cool to see how much easier it is to just write a few things down in Dutch, and say the rest from my heart. I got to choose the topic which was super hard for me to do. Choosing your own topic is the worst. But I chose to talk about how we can receive peace, assurance, and confidence from Jesus Christ. I chose to base it off of a talk by Elder Bednar from last conference called "And They Hushed Their Fears".

It was really good for me to think about how much confidence I have received in my life from following Jesus Christ and his teachings. We can find this confidence and assurety when we
                    1. Look to Christ
                    2. Build our lives on his teachings
                    3. Continue to strive to follow his teachings

Random things of the week:

♥ Zuster Twiggs and I are getting so used to our bike helmets that we don't even notice them sometimes. haha. She walked up to the door wearing hers and the guy answered and looked at her like she was crazy.

♥ Someone asked us if we have to wear our helmets when we walk too.

♥ I got pooped on by a bird this week.

♥ We tricked the Elders and told them a family in our ward are actually eternal investigators. They believed it until a couple hours after church when the word got out.

♥ We have the best ward mission leader. Period. And the best ward. So many good things are happening in Breda. 

♥ We remodeled our apartment... 

Challenge for all you lovely people out there:

Think about one thing you can do better this week 

to build your life around the teachings of Christ. 

Ik hou van jullie!


Zuster Bush

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