July 21, 2015

Radiating the Gospel of Jesus Christ

What a dreamy little week here in Breda.
Actually it was crazy and the next one will be crazy too. Ahhh...

Eight from MTC Group in Amtwerpen

Zone Conference in Antwerpen... YES!
Zuster Watts and Zuster Ramirez slept over the night before and we all headed to Antwerpen early in the morning. It was the weirdest feeling to be back in Antwerpen knowing how much I have grown and experienced things as a missionary. A MIRACLE happened...

You may not remember... Antwerpen was my first area.  Zuster Nelson and I were teaching Gavin from Ghana in Antwerpen and he was so close to getting baptized, but then one day we lost contact with him because he picked up and left for Nigeria. Well a couple of days before the Zone Conference he called the sisters asking for Zuster Bush or Nelson. He is back finally! I got to call him after Zone Conference and he knew right away that it was me haha. It has been like 9 months since I last talked with him! Blessings. Hopefully he´ll start meeting with the missionaries again.

At Zone Conference we talked a lot about how we can improve in the language and improve in our finding skills which is really good because we have lots of new missionaries, and I've been feeling like I haven´t been improving as much as I did at the beginning of my mission.

I don´t have my notebook right now with all of my good notes, but I came out of that Zone Conference feeling so energized and ready for this transfer. President and Zuster Bunnell are so wonderful and they are really doing a good job already with this mission.

The last thing we talked about in Conference was about being OBEDIENT. A lot of quotes on obedience were shared from the latest conference, and lots of comments were made from everyone about why we need to be obedient in general.

Just as we thought the conference was over, a bomb went off. Just kidding. But latest mission news caught us off guard: The Prophet has asked us to wear helmets, so that is what we shall do. Woot wooot. Now the struggle is finding a place that sells them. Helmets are not a thing here in Nederland. People rarely wear them.

The ward here is so great and they spoil us like crazy. My first Sunday in the ward I walked into church and was hugged by several little old ladies that were so excited. One of them told us they were taking us to a restaurant the next day, and we couldn't reject the offer.

Turns out that she invited us to go with her daughter 
and the Elders to an all-you-can-eat Buffet. 
We had 2 solid hours to eat.

Missionary Heaven

I have never been so full in my life. 
We ate and then hopped on our bikes and rode as fast as we could to family home evening. 

Quicky little Miracles from the week-
Someone asking us on the bus what church we were from.
He was speaking in Dutch, but we found out he is from Brazil, so Zuster J started speaking Portuguese with him and he switched over to Spanish. The miracle is that we saw him on the bus on the way home too. Wish I would've stuck with Spanish in high school! Luckily he has really amazing Dutch too.

Riding our bikes in the rain trying to find someone's house...  we were completely lost.
A guy was riding past us, and said something like "You are girls with the truth!" 
And I said "Yep we are from the Church of Jesus Christ!" 
He smiled really big and said "You both radiate that!"
Good to know... good to know. Sometimes we just look like crazy stalker ladies on our bikes.

Zuster Bush and Zuster Jaramillo... Radiating the Gospel of Jesus Christ

One last thingy before I go.
Go read the talk from last Conference by Elder Causse.
Oh look... here it is:

Is it Still Wonderful to You? (Highlight Video)  Click Link

Is it Still Wonderful To You? (Complete Talk)   Click Link

I read this recently and it was the best reminder. At this point in my mission things can start to get old, and familiar, but it doesn´t have to be that way. I can still feel the passion and joy from this week each day if I try. That is what I am here to tell people. It doesn´t matter if you are new to the church or been a member for 80 years. This gospel is special, and we can feel that everyday! I hope everyone who reads this can have a spiritual experience this week where the Holy Ghost touches their hearts. Let this gospel be wonderful to you!

I love you all!

p.s. I chopped my hair.

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