February 2, 2015

"Liefde in de Lucht" or Love is in the Air.

Let me just start of by saying that MIRACLES happen. 
Even when we have the craziest experiences ever. 
Heavenly Father knows exactly why everything is happening. 
He is the orchestrator of our lives and provides us with the things we need!

Happy 20th Birthday!

My birthday cake-hahaha. We didn't have a cupcake tin so we made it into a cake.
And..... I blew out the candles and we found out the video didn't even work 
so we had to re-light them and then wax got EVERYWHERE! 
It was still super good though :)

One of the craziest but coolest experiences this week was on my birthday. 
Lucky me. 
I will ALWAYS remember it!

It started off by us hopping on our bikes in the beautiful SUNSHINE and heading to visit a less active member we had never met. We were given some very sad news and heard that she passed away a few weeks earlier, but we had a cool experience talking to the man that answered the door. He didn't even live there actually, but had met the missionaries before and knew about Lehi in the Book of Mormon! I basically got to teach him the first part of the first lesson as we discussed the nature of Heavenly Father. He thought that the only thing he needed to know about the Mormons was the story of Lehi, but we got to explain that there is so much more. I have no idea if anything will come out of that experience, but it was pretty cool.

Since it was such a beautiful SUNNY day- crazy for January- we decided to do our weekly planning outside on our front porch. There was an older lady soaking in the sun rays so we grabbed our keys and sat outside with no coats on and began to do out planning. I ran inside to grab one thing, and came back out and shut the door. Minutes later I realized I had NO keys. Yes. We were locked out. We freaked out as we were coming up with a solution. We ran downstairs to find a number on the bulletin board of the residency- we live with a bunch of elderly people. No number. We found a lady on the elevator and hopped on with her to ask her if she knew the number to call. She interrupted us and said "Ïk ben helemaal tegen jullie"- which means she is completely against us! No luck with that. We finally found out that a ward member had an extra key and we hopped on a bus and then walked the rest of the way to her house. We had no coats so we were getting tons of strange looks. This is where the Miracle part comes in though. On our way back we were pretty frazzled and stressed because we had to time everything just right so we would be on time for our dinner appt. It was pretty easy to think completely about ourselves and no one around us, but we ran into an investigator that we haven't had contact in with weeks. There she was with all 4 of her kids waiting for the same bus we were. It was the perfect situation. Kind of embarrassing that they kept asking us where our coats were, but it was so cool be cause her 9 year old son asked us if we could stop by that night. This experience was confirmation to me to enjoy the journey and know that Heavenly Father has his ways of making everything happen in the right way. If we would have not locked ourselves out, we would have never seen this family. We also ran into another lady we met a couple weeks back and you could say we are starting to become good friends with her :) We call her the lady in the pink coat. Miracles happen once in a while!

Alsooooo we taught P. again this week. The Zone Leaders came with us and I think it really helped to create a spiritual atmosphere. We taught her about the fruits of the spirit. Galatians 5:22-23 is a really good scripture for that. P. is reading everything we ask her to, she is trying to pray, and she is working up the courage to come to church, but we really wanted to know why she was doing all of these things, and if she was feeling anything from the Spirit as she did it. We also assigned her 15 year old son a chapter a few weeks ago. He has only sat through a couple lessons but he kept having questions about Adam and Eve in the Plan of Salvation. We gave him 2 Nephi 2 to read, and he finally read it this week. It had nothing to do with what we were discussing with P., but It was SO wonderful to hear that he said he felt the spirit. We are working on helping them to see scripture study as something that brings good feelings of comfort, peace, and joy etc.. and more than just homework to check off.

da Bomney!

We are loving it here in Leeuwarden. 
Everyday as we ride through the centrum 
we just can't stop talking about how were are so lucky to be here. 

Something Yummy!

Zuster Romney and I have too much fun together
 and I'm really glad that she's patient with me 
and my stupid mistakes.

MTC Sisters in my Zone!

Pics of  Zuster Voss, me and Zuster Watts at Zone Training! 
The first time I've seen Sister Watts since September I think.

Zuster Verdegem

Exchanges with my Sister Training leader Zuster Verdegem from Belgium.

The Purnell Family from America

Sadly they have to go back.
We have LOVED getting to know them though!
They made the best food and were seriously our best friends.

We've got lots of exciting plans for this week. A new investigator family that we are setting up an appointment with. They have the cutest kids and I am obsessed.

Thank you SO MUCH for the birthday package and all your love and support with your birthday wishes and emails!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I loveeeeeee surprises.

Be safe this week!

Zuster Bush

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