December 3, 2014

I am a Belgian Girl!

The weeks go by sooo stinkin' fast!

This p-day was the Turkey Bowl and we went Christmas caroling with the other Elders in our ward. Jump start to Christmas since they don't have Thanksgiving here! Also they have Sinter Klaas here on December 6th and I think the 5th in Nederland, and that is when all of the kids get their presents, and they leave out their wooden shoes. Then December 25th is more centered on Christ and families. It's really cool!

I tried Surinamse food this week! Our investigator Natasha invited us over for her birthday dinner, and her Aunt who is a member from France was visiting and she made us dinner. They eat rice, and chicken and some super lekker(delicious) sauce on top. The Zone Leader were working with us this day so it was a party! Then we hopped on a train to Nederland for Zone Conf!

It's always so fun to go to Nederland because I have no clue what happens there. I am a Belgian girl! We slept over with the sister in Dordrecht and got to visit a past family that Zuster Jones taught. It was really fun to talk to some new people and hear their Dutch accents. I have been surrounded by Flemish for a few months and I didn't realize the accents were so different!

The actual conference was soooo good! We had a General Authority named Elder Moriera come and he taught us some amazing things. His wife spoke to us in Portuguese and one of our missionaries translated it and he spoke in English. Something cool that he said was that we shouldn't be worried too much about perfection. The Lord will help us with what needs to be done if we have faith and let him magnify us. Per- means to take advantage of every opportunity, and fectom-means to give your best. If I think that I am inadequate, then I am. I need the help of the Lord with everything I do. That was so helpful for me to hear because one of Satan's biggest tools is to make us feel inadequate for what we are called to do. Sometimes he puts us down so much that we don't continue on. But I know that if I use the Atonement every day that I can accomplish a lot more than I would have ever imagined. So a couple things that I took out of this Zone Conf. is to Give thanks!- I won't have this special opportunity to teach others as a missionary for my whole life, and it is such a privilege to share the gospel. Also I need to cheerfully do the things that lie in my power. If I do everything that I can the Savior will help me.

Always a Happy Reunion

I was with half of my MTC group at the Zone Conference so we of course had to take a pic. Mine isn't the best one because someone took it from the side, but you'll probably see the other pictures floating around somewhere on someone's blog.  :)

We didn't have a Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday because we didn't get home until 8, but it was fun to get a few letters and packages from the mission office! We struggled carrying everything home that night. We had 2 big boxes of Book of Mormons we ordered and the rest were packages. THANK YOU for the Conference Ensign, Mom and Dad! I've already read several talks and I am in love. Also the Christmas music you sent has been playing at our apartment everyday. David Archuleta and Jenny Oaks Baker are so good. And yes. I got the supplements you sent me. Sooo many! haha. I did the math and I'll need some more in 140 days. haha. Thank you thank you!

Service AGAIN this week! This time it was just me and Zuster Jones. No elders to do the dirty work. Dirk and Cristel, less active ward members called us up last minute on Saturday and said they needed more help chopping some wood. I got to use a power saw for the first time and go to town sawing. Super fun. Also we hammered and used a plier thing to get the nails out of the wood before we sawed it. The two members were impressed by how strong we were haha. People around here only see us in skirts everyday so they have no idea that we can get down and dirty! (Mother's Note: YIKES! A power saw? REALLY? You gotta be kidding. So thankful for guardian angels.) We basically did all of the wood that is in this picture. haha. While listening to apostate 80's music. I was in heaven to be in jeans for a few hours. Also we watched The Testaments video in German with Dutch subtitles. haha. I could actually understand quite a bit!

And funny thing of the week. . . I most definitely biffed it on the way to someone's house the other day. I stepped on this loop of plastic on the ground, and one of my foot got caught in it so i stepped forward trying to get it off and my other foot got caught and I fell forward on my face. Super funny and I couldn't stop laughing. I have bruises all over my knees. I love being clumsy :)

We decorated for Christmas 

this morning

Bubble blowing contest

on train to Nederland

This is the forest we walk through on the way to church haha. Kind of a creepy forest at night but cool.

Well that was my week! Flems is coming along. We were at Nadia's house and Zuster Jones was talking but Nadia couldn't understand her Dutch accent. She asked me to repeat what Zuster Jones said because I have more of a flems accent I guess. That doesn't mean my grammar is good though!

Hope you all have a WONDERFUL first week of December! That is crazy! Zuster Jones and I will be working hard this last week and loving Antwerpen. We are so sad that transfer calls are next Sunday!

Love you all!

Z. Bush- aka Z Bushy? Some people call me that now. haha.

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