December 15, 2014

Tot Ziens Antwerpen- Hello Leeuwarden

Dearest Family,
I'm writing this from a crowded library near the centrum in Leeuwarden. A new experience for me because I'm used to writing from a quiet little church building. It is a little difficult to answer people's questions about my name tag and write to you at the same time, but somehow it is all working out :) The Lady sitting by me was really excited about my name tag and asked for another card after the first one I gave her had a bent corner :)

Christmas in Antwerpen

 I am sure gonna miss that big city. 

There is a "Give a Book - Take a Bookbook shelf by the station where I took the picture of the Christmas tree, and I saw a man looking through the books. I was standing right behind him taking a pic so I decided to pop in a Book of Mormon as he was looking down at another book. He looked up and saw the Book and instantly grabbed it in interest. It all happened so fast that I didn't realize until after, that I put in an English copy. I hope he can read English!

My last p-day in Antwerpen was magical. 

We went to this beautiful little town called Brugge and the scenery was amazing. My last Belgium zone p-day. It was a bitter sweet thing. But I got to take some pretty great pictures and it was pouring rain the entire day hahahha.

My last day in Antwerpen was packed but so great. Cruising around on the fiets with Zuster Jones and owning the city for one last day. I really got a hang of the tram system and everything about Antwerpen. It is MY city :) I got to see several members we've been working with and an investigator that I will truly miss. I received lots of sweet texts from people and I will have to say that my eyes might have started watering a bit as I rode my bike down the street by the station for one last time.
The pictures I sent you are of Dirk and Cristel 
some sweet and true Antwerpen members, 

and Shilpa and her son Shlok 
from India. 

Also Sister Van Wauwe the wonderful lady who taught me so much Flems
every time I saw her. 
We would have GezinsAvond (Family Home Evening) at her house every week 
and it was the best thing ever. 

I can't say enough words to describe my time in Antwerpen...  
I will miss it so much!

Not to mention this cast of characters:

WOW. I am in a whole different country now. 

I kind of feel like a greenie again, but it's all good.

Transfers were crazy haha. But there is always someone at each station to help, so it wasn't too hard to move my 3 suitcases and bike. I left at 8:00 in the morning and got to Leeuwarden at 6 pm. Long day but I got to see a lot of missionaries! And best of all, I met my new companions!

Emilee with Zuster Greenwell and Zuster Doxey

Leeuwarden is so peaceful compared to Antwerpen. I don't have to worry about getting hit by a car or another bike, the mornings are quiet and I can sing as loud as I want op de fiets (by bike) and hardly anyone is around :) There are lots of cute little shops, and I am obsessed with the canals. The scenery is definitely a lot more beautiful than Antwerpen, but I am still missing the feeling of being in a big city.

We have a Branch here instead of a ward. The Branch President has 8 children and it reminds me of our family. The youngest is 18.

We went to a Kerst market- Christmas market- during our lunch break the other day and it was so fun! It was in an old prison and they made an ice skating rink right in the middle of it.

Also.... We got to travel to Apeldoorn for a stake Christmas concert that was out of this world. They dressed up for it and there was a mini drum set for it and I felt like I was at a gospel choir concert. Super good and it was interesting that most of the songs they sang were in English. hehe.

Zuster Bush's 21 Nieces and Nephews

I got the white envelope with the 21 smiles!!! I absolutely love it. I made the Christmas Tree and the pictures hardly fit.  I think at the end of the season I will use those pics to decorate my scripture case cereal box I'm gonna make on new years eve for my Dutch Scriptures.

I miss Flems and I have been stumbling around my words a lot. It will come well though. You'll see what my language is like on Skype!!  Mother's note: Em will be learning yet another dialect with this transfer... Frisian. 

SHOUTOUT to MAMA BUSH. . . HAPPY BIRTHDAY on the 18th! You're gonna be 22 right? You should go laser tagging to celebrate.

Sorry I don't have much time left. Ahhh. Never enough time. Just know that I love all of you and I can't wait to talk to you in a few days!!!

Have a lovely Christmas season!
Zuster Bush

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