December 22, 2014

Christmas! Christmas! Christmas!

Decorating the Church

Man am I blessed to be here. The members are soo good to the missionaries here and my Companions and I can't even believe how spoiled we are. Lunch and Dinner appointments and Christmas cards etc... I love Christmas time as a missionary!

The BEST part of this week has been the opportunity to share a Christmas message about our Savior Jesus Christ to everyone we meet. There is a super good video out right now called "Hij is het Geschenk".  "He is a Gift"(in engles :) And we've been going crazy sharing it. It is the perfect idea that Jesus Christ truly is a gift for us in our lives, and just like every other gift we receive, we make sure to take good care of it and use it. We can share the hope and the peace of the Atonement of Jesus Christ with everyone we meet. Annnnnnnnd the coolest thing is that the gift of the Atonement isn't just relevant during the Christmas season. Ladies and Gentlemen... this is a year round gift that is ready to be given to the world and received by anyone.

We all have the light of Christ within us. . . remember that and share it with others!

Our mission is doing a cool FB campaign right now where people can see the video online and request to get a visit from the missionaries. We've already received 5 of them in Leeuwarden, and we'll be contacting our first one on Wednesday. It is so exciting to know that people want to actually talk to us!

Elder Cook, Zuster Voss, and Me... together again! 

Always a sweet reunion.

We had zone training this week and we learned how to manage our time more effectively. We've started a new thing in this misison where we track our proselyting hours and we are all working towards getting 20 hours a week. This will be really good for us! Especially this time of year where it is easy to stay at a members cozy house for hours talking. We need to be out more finding new people to share our message with!

1st time trying Olliebollen! 

With Z. Goodman and Z. Greenwell

So een van mijn collegas Zuster Doxey had to go to Belgium to get her identity card thingy, so Zuster Greenwell and I met up with another greenie in Ijmuiden- by Harlem- aka SUPER far from Leeuwarden, and contacted in her area for the day. It was the longest that I had ever straight contacted with no appointments in-between, but it was so good. I learned a lot of good things from Zuster Greenwell because that girl is fearless with talking to people. Oh and we got a Roman Catholic (I think?) church tour from this old man and lady we met on the street. They had a huge nativity set up with toy animals that moved haha. We ended getting a couple potentials from that day though, so it was exciting to see an outcome right away.

My first windmill picture in Leiden!

We went back to Leiden where the mission office is, and the missionaries weren't back from Belgium yet, so we also got to contact there for a few hours. I contacted a young guy from Hungary, and he intterupted me and said he didn't speak Dutch. Like always, I got super excited that he spoke English and started rambling off about what we were doing and why we even stopped him. He was really nice and told us that he would look at the website but he'd never been religous before. He then began to say that he respected what we were doing and that it was great that we could ''almost speak native english". I don't know if that was a compliment or not... but he totally thought we were Dutch. haha

Z. Doxey, Z. Greenwell, Z. Bush

Christmas in Leeuwarden

My Bike♥

Well... I'm sorry to say that time is up! We're planning on getting a personal tour from the lovely Zuster Doxey today in Leeuwarden. I am so excited to talk to you on Christmas and I hope that you all have a PRETTIGE KERSTDAGEN! (Merry Christmas!)

Love you!

Zuster Bush

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