November 2, 2014


Nadia was baptized on Sunday and it was amazing. She was baptized by Sis. Van Wauwe's son and it was perfect. A perfect beginning and end to mine and Sister Nelson's mission. We got Nadia a triple and wrote our testimonies in it and she was so excited! We spent the night before with her and this 60 year old spunky lady Sister Van Wauwe from the Congo.

She made us yummy fish- my first fish of my mission, and we helped her make appetizers for after the baptism. It was a cozy or gezellig evening and we helped Nadia feel happy and good about the next day.

We had our investigator Tom there which was really good because he currently doesn't have a baptismal date because he wants to experience his trip to Utah in November before he sets a baptismal date.

Daylight savings time started this weekend and we made sure we switched our alarm clock, and we changed our phone manually. We were pretty proud of ourselves for remembering and we had tons of reminders from other Elders... Well the baptism ended on Sunday and we were so confused that it was already 5. We had an appt with someone new at 5:00 so we were biking as fast as we could get there in time. The lady didn't end up being there and we couldn't communicate very well with the other person that lived there because he spoke Polish as his native language. We decided we'd be a little bit early to the dinner appt with the Schiltz so we called them and said we'd be there at 6:15 instead of 6:30. We showed up at 6:30 instead and we were freaking out worried that we were later and the Elders would make fun of us and be mad. We ran in the door and told them we were so sorry! We realized we were the first ones there and we were SO confused. Broeder Schiltz was also confused and wondered why we came an hour early. He said I thought you were coming at 6:30? It's only 5:30! AHHHH we didn't change the time on our clocks! hahaha. No wonder our appt wasn't there. Our whole night was super funny because of that. We just chilled with the Schiltz and got to know them a little more. I love them so much and going to their house is like a little missinoary vacation. He is Belgian she is Irish- she speaks Dutch though but does a German G haha. But we speak English there so it's the best.

This week our Relief Society lesson was taught in English because Steffany, the teacher, is African and doesn't really know Dutch. Like at all. They asked who needed translation into Nederland and only like 2 people did. Older ladies. Everyone else can understand English and I had no idea! haha. The lesson was about Love- the essence of the Gospel. An hour of talking about Love with no scriptural reference or anything hehe. We did talk about the Savior and the prophet, but it was basically a discussion. The teacher is from Ghana and served her mission in Nigeria. She asked a question and said something like, "What did Christ say when he was about to die on the cross?" Nobody really said anything and it was silent. Then the teacher began to say.. "Forgive them father for they know not what they do" then out of the blues an old lady blurts out in Dutch the end of that and everybody giggled. Since it was being translated for her she had a late reaction and it was just great. Then the African had to stop the lesson so she could learn how to say that. She kept saying... please speak slow! hehe. I want to learn Dutch! Such a unique ward.! Then the teacher was talking to this other old lady as an example and said how she can love her even though they are so far apart in age. The old lady in English said- "Yeah but I'm slow!" haha.

We got our transfer calls on Sunday! I'm staying here obviously and my new companion will be Sister Jones. She's been on her mission for about a year and I've heard she's a really good missionary! It will be weird not being the oldest missionary but leading around the city because she's coming from Nederland. Wooo wish me luck! It'll be really good to take the lead and be responsible. I've noticed a lot of progression in me lately. I am actually able to understand a lot more Dutch than I used to be able to, and I'm working hard on starting conversations in Dutch with members. It's really hard to do it, but it's fun to practice my Dutch with members who I am comfortable with because we've spent a few evenings in their home. The ward members are great here and they've been really supportive for all of our investigators.

Random pics of the week:

Better go... sorry time is tight today. Last p-day of the transfer and we're having zone pday. Love love love you all and I'm so thankful for you all!

Vrede uit! Zuster Bush

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