August 19, 2014

A Sweet Story. . .

I know. . . this blog was created to share Emilee's words. 
I hope she (and her readers) will forgive me for posting mine here. 
I felt deep in my heart that others may benefit from this sweet story 
that I shared with my Zuster Bush this morning. . .

Missionary Name: Sister Emilee Bush
Mission: Provo MTC
Date Submitted: August 19

Good morning Zuster Emilee,

Here's the sweet story I promised. . .

Saturday, Dad and I were out in the yard working early in the morning. It was a lovely morning. . . the magic hour for sure.

The day before, a thought come to me. . . "Emilee needs popcorn". I kind of brushed aside the idea thinking it would be a fun project for Monday. But as I worked in the gardens the thought came again. . . Emilee needs popcorn.  And then a third time, stronger. "Emilee NEEDS popcorn. Finally I told your Dad "Emilee needs popcorn. . .  today."  He was a little grumbly about the idea as our schedule was quite full for the day. But he knew I was serious when I went in the house to put together a package for you. Time was short to make the 10:00 a.m. deadline with Post Mart in Orem. They are the only MTC delivery on Saturday. Dad came in to help, he actually popped the corn for me :) while I gathered the other stuff. Then we rushed out the door, Dad driving so I could address the package en-route  and we could get there before 10:00.

Dad stayed in the car as I went into the Post Mart. I was a little confused as to where to go. . . I surveyed the room as I slowly walked in. There was a counter in the back with a man helping someone, and another counter just before that with a woman standing on one side and a teen girl standing on the other. Two boxes were in front of them on the counter. I decided this was where I was suppose to be. . . assuming it was a line the woman was in and the teen was an employee helping her. I carefully placed my box on the counter and stood in "the line".

Still trying to assess if I was in the right place, I glanced down at the box next to mine and read the words: "Sister Aubrey Watts". I read it again. . . somewhat amazed. "Sister Aubrey Watts".  I then looked at the other box: "Sister Aubrey Watts".

"Excuse me" I said to the woman. "Are you mailing these boxes?" She looked at me a bit puzzled by my question and said yes.

I then pointed to my box and said "Look who I'm mailing my box to."

Her face was so fun to watch as she read "Sister Emilee Bush". I smiled at her and said "I'm Sister Bush's mother". We squealed with delight and reached out to embrace. . . what are the chances? Sister Watt's Mother and her sister. . .

We giggled over the irony of us being there at the same time. Then I told her how the spirit had prompted me to come and it was no coincidence that I was there at that very minute. We both agreed that it was a sweet and tender mercy that we could meet each other for the first time in such a special way. (Editorial note. . . Our daughters went to High School together and now they are companions.)

We shared our testimonies of some of the blessings our daughters are receiving. I told her of the strong feeling I had when I found out Sister Watt was to be your companion. I know you are together for a divine reason and that as you serve together with love and with full purpose of heart, you will accomplish great things.

No surprise that Nanette had similar thoughts come to her. She is grateful that you are Aubrey's companion. . . and I that Aubrey is your companion. Learn from each other. Trust in each other and share your tender feelings. The Lord is very mindful of both of you and your need for sweet friendship. This opportunity to learn and to grow with each other will bless your lives forever.  Make the most of this precious time that you have together.

And that is my sweet story.

I love you. More than words can say.

Until next time. . .
Always, mom♥

Always. . .  always. . .  listen to and follow promptings you feel from the Spirit. Their purpose is to bless our lives.

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