August 10, 2015

Miracles and Blessings!

This week was packed full of sooo many miracles (and some hilarious moments). I think Heavenly Father was really happy with the people in Nederland this week.

I´m just gonna start with the best news. We have an investigator with a baptismal DATE! Miracles happen in Nederland. The Groningen Sisters called us last week and told us their investigator was moving to Breda for the Military and that he is so ready to be baptized. Well... He moved here yesterday and we met him yesterday at the station. It was awesome because we had no idea what he looked like but we totally guessed it was him when we saw a guy with a huge military pack on his back. He´s 26 and is sooo cool. He wants to get baptized in September. He told us a bit about his experience with meeting the Sisters and he has already read all the way to 3rd Nephi in the Book of Mormon. So so great. He´ll be living on this Military site place for a year and it´s really close to the church so that is perfect. Our ward is gonna eat him up :)

This week we also had the best BBQ ever. We are missing out in America I think. There were like 6 different kinds of meat and we were stuffed at the end. Our Bishop is from Ghana and his wife is from Curasao and so they speak English Dutch and Papiments. So many languages and so many crazy personalities. I think in total there were about 14 people with 6 of us being missionaries and it was so fun.
We helped them with service in their backyard moving bricks and throwing water balloons and playing with lots of spiders and then we had the BBQ and our investigator N. from Brazil came and we had a really good spiritual thought (geestelijke toetje) spiritual dessert at the end that Zuster Jaramillo and I shared. We shared a message of how Families Can Be Together Forever and it was a special reminder to remember that all of the friendships and relationships we make here on this earth can last after this life. I love the people I´ve come to know on my mission and I´m so grateful for my loving family who are supporting me as well.

Funny moments this week-
Z. Jaramillo scared me 3 times in 7 minutes. I´m working on not screaming. I really am.

We looked up a less active couple this week but it turns out they are very active so we just pretended like we had planned on visiting them anyway and had the greatest little visit. I love all of the older couples in this ward!

There is a recently baptized member in this ward who is from Suriname and is 61 but looks and acts so young. He invited us over to his house again and we all ate on his floor with a blanket because he has no furniture or anything in his new house yet. Gezellig indeed.

And then last but not least... my ONE year mark WONDER. I ate Mexican food from a part American family on my year mark. Almost as good as Cafe Rio :) Mom's note: Cafe Rio was the last meal she ate before entering the MTC.) But wait... there's more! Miracles and Blessings... we were calling random numbers on our old cell phone last week and I called one and made an appointment with her and it just so happened to be on my year mark. We couldn't find her teaching record so we just assumed she met with the missionaries a long time ago. She sounded like a young girl, but when we got there she was about 60 years old hehe. She met with the Elders several years ago but still has her Book of Mormon and was so willing to read from it with us. We taught her the first lesson again and it was one of my most favorite lessons led by the Spirit. I truly felt that everything I told her was directed by the spirit and I felt like such a powerful instrument in the hands of the Lord.

Second part of the miracle. She came to church on Sunday! The chapel was sooo full and I was trying to find a place to sit when our ward mission leader came up to me and said someone was sitting in the back. She just came for sacrament meeting, but she loved it and found out her good neighbor is a member of our ward too. Zegeningen!
Make this week the best 
and don´t forget to ask Heavenly Father 
how you can bless the lives of others around you.

Love you all!

Z Bush

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