September 3, 2014

No Longer a Newbie at the "Empty Sea"

Whoa this is weird.
I'm no longer a newbie at the "Empty Sea" and it happened so fast.
I'm not ready to be thrown into a country!
But I did have some very good experiences this week that made me GROW!  

P-day is the Best.

Our room is right by the drop off area so we watch the missionaries hug their parents as they get dropped off. Sad, but so happy because we know this work must be really important for us to leave our loved ones. Me and Sister Watts were in our robes ready to take a shower and the window was cracked open. We thought the windows were dark and you couldn't see in but apparently not. We started making noises over a really cute goodbye hug between a sister and her Dad. She turned around and started waving to us. Who knows if she just heard us or saw us but everyone started waving. So funny.

We go to a room with a piano and someone plays while everyone else writes hand written letters on pdays. So fun and great. Wish I could play more than just an old jazz song :) Sorry I wasn't very diligent with practicing. Crazy that I've never played a hymn in my life!

The Temple was marvelous. We go as a zone. We do endowments every time but most people just do Initiatories. (We'll probably do that today.) Last time was wonderful but a little sad. I looked over at the bretheren and there was an empty seat where Dad would normally be sitting. Made me imagine you being there with me. Sad, but I'm so grateful I was able to go with you so many times. Also, families can be together forever! I love that and I hope to take some of my converts to the temple to experience the same joy. I love the happiness I get from that knowledge. Also, I'm pretty sure the center of the celestial room is the same in most temples so I feel like I am somewhat with my family when I go.   :)

TRC with the members Brother and Sister Hoole.

They are old and they are hilarious and so knowledgeable. They go in and out of Nederland when we're talking to them and I don't think they realize it. We taught them about receiving answers to their prayers. They probably taught us more than we taught them but the spirit was definitely there and I felt like I was able to express myself sincerely which is one of my main goals lately. After TRC we went back to class and our teacher had us prepare for five minutes on why we decided to follow Christ. We didn't know what we would do with that information but I chose the scripture Mosiah 2:41 to share. . . when we follow Christ we will be in a state of never ending happiness. We got picked (me and sister watts) to teach the 4 elders in our district as if they were "onderzoekers" (investigators). I started the lesson which is rare, usually I can never think of anything to say to begin, and I have to work off of Sister Watt's thoughts. I was able to share the scripture I picked and bear my testimony about it. Keep in mind this was in Dutch. I think Broeder Wells was proud of us.

Studying Outside is De Beste

So we have 2 teachers. Sis Rosema is from Bolivia/Nederlands and she's been sick so Sister Juchau has been taking her place. She recently returned about 3 months ago. You can prob find her on the blog. She is so happy and excited all the time and really gets us pumped up to be in Nederland. You can feel the love she has for the people over there. Broeder Wells does as well, but he's been home for about three years and a teacher for two.  Broeder Wells taught us both classes that day, but later that night he did a coaching with each companionship in another room. We got to talk about how good we're doing and express any concerns.
He shared with us some great scriptures...

 "Be still and know that I am God." 
Psalms 46:10

"If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him. But let him ask in faith, nothing wavering. For he that wavereth is like a wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed."  
Jacob 1:5-6

"Behold, my beloved brethren, I will unfold this mystery unto you; 
if I do not, by any means, get shaken from my firmness in the Spirit, 
and stumble because of my over anxiety for you."  
Jacob 4:18 

I think he could tell we were having a stressful day. He pointed out to us that in the English Book of Mormonthat scripture talks about having over anxiety but in the Dutch copy it doesnt say anxiety. It says a GREAT DESIRE. Cool huh? He told us that anxiety that makes us stressed is not good and does not come from God. But if we have anxiety that gives us a great desire to help our onderzoekers then that is good. I should have that desire to really help my investigators. It's hard when he's not a real investigator, just a volunteer acting, but I am starting to feel really connected to helping him. So much that I think about him throughout the day no matter if I am teaching him or not. Everything I study is for Pip.   :)

We didn't have a lesson with Pip today so our teacher had us teach each other. Sister Watts and I had to teach all 4 Elders! 2 were investigators 1 was a member and the other one was a fly one the wall :) It was pretty hard and we were nervous cause Broeder Wells was observing the whole thing. Wasn't my best job. It was kind of hard to get a word in because the "member" and sister watts had so much to say. But it was a good experience. It's so much easier to teach an investigator when they have a member friend!

Said goodbye to my brother Aaron Saturday. 

Love my Brother!

This was his last day as Swedish Teacher at the MTC. 
I'm a rebel and I gave him a hug. 
The Swedes kept telling me they'd give him a hug for me but I needed a real one. :)  
The Swedes love Aaron. They showed me all their selfies with him.

I Love Getting Mail!

I got Norah's picture and Kat's letter and I loved it!
Everyone loved how one of the stickers said "text me"

Love the artwork! I hung it up above my desk

Zone Sister Training Leaders

The Swedes are gone which moves us up in seniority in the MTC. The Surinames are still here but they leave this Monday. Which meant we needed new Zone leaders! There were 4 other sisters to choose from in my mission, and also the new Danes, but. . . on Sunday, Sister Watts and I were called as the Zone Sister Training Leaders! We have tons of Swedes and Nordes coming in today plus the Danes that came in last week. Our zone is going to have about 60 more people. It is crazy. We get to welcome in the new missionaries today along with Elder Reese and Hursch the new Zone Leaders who are also in our District. We also got to welcome in the international missionaries yesterday. Only one of them is in our Zone but it was still so fun to take them around and show them everything. Just me and Sister Watts. The one in our Zone is going to Sweden and she is from England. So cool.

We are a little overwhelmed with all of the responsibilities we now have but we know we'll be blessed. We have to miss 2 hours of class tonight in order to do an orientation for the swedes and nordes coming. It's hard to be a missionary and help new missionaries but I know I will be just fine. I can make up for lost time tomorrow. Life is so exciting here right now! I don't get down on myself too often. Saturday was really the only day that was bad for me. I got one good cry done with and now I'm ready to work hard :)
I am so happy with all of the love I have been receiving while here. I feel bad that I can't respond to everyone right away but my siblings are doing great at writing me. Love you all and I am so grateful for each of you.

I think that's about it. . . well there is always tons more, but know that I am growing into the missionary that Heavenly Father needs me to be. I am enjoying the leadership opportunities here and I am soaking up the knowledge. I never thought I'd say this, but I am definitely going to miss the MTC! I have lots of quotes once again I wish I could share with you. I'll try to write you a handwritten letter and next week I'll start with the quotes first :)

Love you love you!
~Zuster Bush

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