September 13, 2014

Last P-day in the MTC

SUPRISE! I get to email again today for one last time. 
It is like a mini p-day until lunch time. 
We are packing, doing laundry and everything else before we go.

Packing Fun this Morning

Packing is going great and most of it is packed except my books and a couple things of clothing. I have room I think! I sent a few items back this morning with possibly a couple more that will be sent by another sister monday morning.

I'm excited to get right to work but nervous about contacting in Dutch.
We don't have tons of practice. . . it will be an adventure!

I have felt the hand of Heavenly Father so distinctly today because I have been worried about how everything will work out. Even though I don't have you to help me pack I can feel the help from you because you gave me so much advice on everything before I came. I'm the best packer mom. Seriously.

Rockin the Bike Theme with Sister Voss

Lunch in the Real World

We got to go to great harvest and sub zero for p-day on west campus. 
So fun to feel like we were in the real world.  

Thanks for the front runner tips. We're all so excited. 
The sad thing is one elder didn't get his visa so he's going to Reno Nevada for 6 weeks. 
Other than that everyone is getting ready to go. Wish I could give the poor elder a hug.

All the Dutchies

Also. . .  your Mission Journal is the best. I enjoy it so much. 
We are a lot alike you know that? 
How you felt about heading to your mission is how I feel. 
I love the MTC and I'm a bit sad to leave but so excited for Nederland. 
Were you scared to contact with people in French right when you got to the mission? 
I am. . .

Breanne's family is the cutest. 

Loved the package from them.

Okay we're gonna go eat lunch and then run to class. Love you!
Talk to you on Monday :)

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