August 8, 2014

I'm Here... at the MTC!

I'm here.
Safe, and happy and I'm learning so quickly!

Mijn Collega is Zuster Watts. Loveeeee her. Such a blessing that we are able to be companions. We are doing so great together and we get to teach our first lesson tomorrow.

Saw Aaron today and gave him a hug. Last hug until 18 months. I was told it's not allowed later today. hehe.

I am having miracles already. Wonderful things happen when I devote myself to helping others come unto Christ. Who knew I'd be able to even start praying in Dutch.

Have a lovely week mij familie.

p.s I am working on the g gutteral sound. Wish me luck. I need more saliva. hehe

Tot Ziens

Love Zuster Bush

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